Slum Habitats: Suggestions & Objections on the Proposed Draft DP

After looking closely at the approach adopted and proposals made in the Draft Development plan for Mumbai, we are shocked and disappointed that the Plan has found no means to ensure that we find a humane living environment and home for ourselves in this city. This despite the repeated suggestions put forth at multiple consultations with the MCGM. We strongly object to the approach of this Plan of awarding development rights to developers as an incentive to produce housing units. We demand a fundamental shift in the way our habitat is conceived in this city, as a place that offers the possibilities for livelihood, growth and improvement, health and education, and creative well-being; and we demand the Plan to be based on this conception. Since the present redevelopment approach has been counterproductive in the creation of such a habitat, here are our bare minimum requirements for this Development Plan:

1. All lands currently mapped as “slums” in the ELU must be reserved as “public housing”

2. The DP must use population data provided by the ICDS or health post data to get a more accurate count of the number of slum households in the city.

3. Incentive FSI to developers for the rehabilitation of slum dwellers must be discontinued.

4. A slum improvement and upgradation program must be set up for all slums. Provision of basic services and social infrastructure in slums must be undertaken by the MCGM.

5. Development Control Regulations (DCRs) for slum upgradation must be made – to ensure mixed uses and adequate environmental conditions.

6. Rehabilitation of slum dwellers must be done only in walk-up apartments without a dilution in environmental and
amenity norms to ensure a affordable and humane living environment.

7. The dwelling unit density (DU/Ha) of the entire scheme including the rehabilitation component must not exceed 500-550 tenements.

8. There must be a cap of 35 sam on the dwelling unit size for the sale component, if any, to cross subsidize slum rehabilitation.

9. The free house based on ownership must be discontinued. All the tenements (new and rehab) must be handed over to a residents society and provided to households on a rental basis.

10. MCGM must plan for slums at the mezo plan level rather than leave them as “Local Area Plans” for later. Also, the random marking of Local Area Plans is not acceptable. On what basis have some slums been marked under LAP, while other slums find no demarcation in the DP at all.