Urban Villages: Suggestions & Objections on the Proposed Draft DP

Points specific to koliwadas and gaothans

1. The proposed land use plan in the draft DP does not show boundaries of urban villages i.e gaothans and koliwadas. We recommend that boundaries of gaothans and koliwadas be demarcated in the Proposed Land Use Maps as this will ensure the protection of these settlements.

2. Gaothans and Koliwadas have been zoned as either commercial/residential (C/R) zone or residential/commercial (R/C) zone in the proposed landuse maps. We suggest that Gaothan areas be zoned as “Urban villages” in the Proposed Land Use Map after boundary demarcation.

3. Historical place names of Gaothans and Koliwadas should be retained and mentioned in the proposed development plan to preserve local, memories, associations and to safeguard the historical value of these settlements.

4. Road widening within gaothans and koliwadas threatens to disrupt the existing settlements and destroy the pedestrian nature of these areas and should not be proposed without consultation with local communities and only in cases where it is considered necessary by them.

5. As per DCR 26.2, for the development of any property in gaothans/koliwada areas on plots fronting road width 9.00m and above the permissible development shall be in accordance with the Zonal Permissible FSI. We object to this DCR. Zonal F.S.I should not apply to the gaothans and only DCR’s for gaothans and koliwadas should be applicable to urban villages.
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